Llacuna 39 is a cohousing project in Poble Nou aimed at putting a stop to the population drain of the neighbourhood.

It is a communal social housing project at cost price. Designed for 27 family units including common areas, it is a unique initiative of collective housing where all members participate in the democratic organisation of their co-op.

The implication in the entire process contributes to the feeling of community and enables its members to take collective action. Whereas the acquisition of our homes is usually limited to an individual economic interchange, cooperative housing not only permits easier access to homes but also much better conditions.

We strengthen people’s foothold in Poble Nou and get them involved in new neighbourhood projects. Long term housing enables people to achieve long term goals. We also open our buildings to the neighbourhood by offering the use of some of our common areas. This way people get encouraged to relate to each other more and the social fabric of the community gets stronger.

Our building will house 27 family units and common areas designed by its future tenants. The latest technological innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency will be used.

Housing conditions can and should support good health. Our designs are based on the principles of sustainable architecture and healthy housing..

Property Tenure: Right-of-Use and Ownership

Property tenure and ownership in housing co-ops can have many legal forms, spanning form Right-to-Use to Exclusive Ownership. Integrated or mixed formulas are also possible.

We at coHousing Barcelona have designed a mixed legal model of property tenure. It combines exclusively owned homes with collective rights-of-use of the common areas, their management and maintenance. Our legal basis is Spanish Cooperative Law, which is the framework for our activities and the regulations passed by our co-op. They include an agreement amongst co-op members to sell their homes to buyers who are on the co-op waiting list only. This way we put an end to real estate speculation.

Once financing has been paid back, families become owners of their own homes while the common areas are owned by the co-op. If homeowners decide to leave the cohousing community, their privately owned homes are sold to other co-op members without profit. However, they are entitled to recover their investment in full including CPI increase.